Four Years, Four Things

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Today is my Albuquerque birthday and I CANNOT BELIEVE it has been four years since I got on a plane, landed here, and had my life changed forever. In honor of my ABQ birthday, I want to share four things I have learned in the last four years. 

  1. Sometimes the things you would have never picked are the best things for you. Moving here and getting divorced two years later was not in the play book; but I would never never give back the lessons I learned from the whole thing and I am in SUCH a good place now. (I’m keeping this truth in my back pocket while dealing with my job change.) 
  2. It takes at least two years to get settled in a new place. By year three, I felt like my friendships deepened and my community expanded, and now in year four, it really feels like home here. I am so grateful for all the friends I have made.
  3. Sometimes you have to get past first impressions and dig deeper to get to know a place or person. When I first moved here, I did NOT love the city; I thought there was too much crime, too much dust, and not enough good Asian or seafood, to name a few offenses. Now, after changing my attitude and spending time exploring, I have all sorts of favorite restaurants, New Mexican dishes, and places to go/things to do on the weekend, as well as a whole new appreciation for the views and landscape. I’ve also loved learning the history and culture of New Mexico, and feel it is such a unique place; I’ve never been anywhere like it. I heard it described once as “a gritty city” and I love that.
  4. Lastly, lIfe is so much better with red and green chile.

Here’s to more lessons and memories!

One of my favorite thing about moving here is the magic of Balloon Fiesta. Read more about it here.
The beautiful Sandia Mountains

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