Eats and Treats: The Best Places to Eat in Canmore and Banff, Canada

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One of the absolute best things about any trip is undoubtedly THE FOOD! We travel to new places so that we can indulge in the flavors and foods we can’t always get at home: pasta and wine in Italy, green chile in New Mexico, fresh seafood on the coast, stinky cheese in France, etc. Canada proved to be no exception. While many of the foods are very similar to US cuisine, we were still able to find some of the best places to eat in Canmore and Banff, Canada.

Best Snacks

One of my most favorite things to do anytime I go to a new country is to check out the grocery situation. I love seeing what passes as a snack in a new place, and if it is anything like what I am used to at home. Upon arriving in Canmore, my friend Jillian and I proceeded to load up on snacks and drinks like we were prepping for a junior high sleepover.

First stop, the chip and candy aisles, for ketchup chips and gummy candy!

an orange can of Fiery Loaded Nacho Pringles
I am always on the lookout for unique Pringle Flavors.
a green bag with multi-colored gummy candies on it
These are my favorite! My sister got me hooked on after her trip in Europe. These are my favorite gummy candy since they aren’t crazy sweet.
a red and white bag of Old Dutch ketchup chips
These were different. Didn’t love them, but they definitely grew on me.

Next up was the cookies and chocolate candies! These caramel cookies were to die for, and I especially loved the Reese’s Oh Henry.

a brown bag of chocolate candy bars with reese's peanut butter on the inside
SO GOOD! America, please get this. Or someone tell me where to get these in the states!
a red bag of miniature kit-kat candy bars with white chocolate on the inside
These were ok, but I’m not the hugest Kit Kat fan, or cookies and cream fan. Mostly I tried them because my friend bought them.
an orange box with chocolate caramel cookies on the label
So good we stopped to fill up our suitcases on the way home, only to find them in the grocery stores in Washington. Oops! Shortbread cookies, caramel and chocolate. Can’t go wrong.

Best Drinks

After long days of hiking and snacking on our junk food, we set out to find some delicious places to grab drinks. Here were some of my favorites:

a small cocktail witha pineapple garnish sits on a table with the Park Distillery restaurant in Banff appears in the background
We stopped at Park Distillery in Banff for some craft cocktails. This is the Sawback: Park Chili Vodka, triple sec, pineapple juice, lime, and agave nectar`
the author is smiling and holding a pink drink at The Blake in Canmore
The Sunset Lover at The Blake in Canmore: Three Sisters Vodka, ruby red grapefruit syrup, yuzu and soda
A mason jar with white peach sangria from tavern 1883, garnished with an orange slice
White Peach Sangria from Tavern 1883 in Canmore. So refreshing!

Best Dinners In Canmore and Banff

Once we had wet our whistles, there was no shortage of restaurants to choose from that offered delicious dining options for dinner.

two decadent burgers from Tavern 1883, one of the best places to eat in Canmore and Banff, Canada. The burgers are perched atop rectangular white plates. There is also a watermelon, feta and mint salad, as well as a half-drank glass of white peach sangria
This burger from Tavern 1883, and the watermelon and mint salad, hit the spot after a long day of hiking.
several dishes full of Korean food grace a table in the Seoul Country Korean Kitchen in Banff
Bi Bim Bap, dumplings, and spicy soup from Seoul Country Korean Restaurant in Banff

The Blake in Canmore was a fantastic spot for the last meal of our trip. We had fantastic service (Canadians are SO NICE) and enjoyed the Asian flair of this menu.

the bone-in pork chop from The Blake in Canmore
Pork Belly Burn ends in the background, and a tasty bone-in pork chop
a flight of beer from The Blake in Canmore
Time for beer tasting
udon noodles from The Blake in Canmore
Yaki Udon

This pizza though….What a treat from the Bear Street Tavern. We found this place off a recommendation from a local.

a delicious looking piece of pizza from Bear Street Tavern (one of the best places to eat in Canmore and Banff, Canada) sits in the foreground, while the author pours honey and homemade rosemary chili oil onto a plate in the background

Listen here: I am coming out of the captions to talk about this pizza. Now I am trying to not be too biased since I know food tastes significantly better after a long day of being outside, and I had spent all day hiking, but this pizza was SO delicious and memorable because they served it with a homemade rosemary chili oil and honey. It was crazy good, and now I will always want oil and honey on my pizza, thank you.

Best Dessert

However good all the food and coffee and drinks were, it all pales in comparison to the majesty of a beaver tail. I had one of these delicious pastries every day that we were in Canada. I didn’t even bother to branch out and try a new one each time, because I loved the first one I got so much. My dessert of choice was the maple beaver tail, which is a fluffy fried pastry covered in maple syrup, powdered sugar, and MAJESTIC FLAKY BITS OF CRUMBLY MAPLE SUGAR! It was completely irresistible.

the author holds up her pastry and smiles
the author takes a bite out of the beaver tail pastry
the author licks the maple sugar from her lips after taking a large bite of a beaver tail pastry in Banff
a close up of a large fried pastry called a beaver tail, with powdered sugar, syrup and maple crumbs
I mean, COME ON! My mouth is watering right now…

Now, for some more restaurants that didn’t make the cut for pictures, but we dined at nonetheless…

We were so lucky to eat all of this amazing food, and even to bring some of them back home. I am still dreaming of that pizza and those beaver tails. Get yourself to Calgary to try some of these delicious treats!

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